The 7 Best Portable Blenders of 2022, According to Culinary Experts

An electric portable blender is a genuinely useful kitchen tool whether you want to produce a smoothie, sauce, or soup. The sole disadvantage? They frequently take up valuable space on your kitchen counter or in your cupboards because they are large and hefty. In addition, some models can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars; even if you use one every day, that’s a significant investment. Portable blenders can help with that. As the name implies, these condensed replicas of their original counterparts are much smaller and less expensive. The most recent models still have a strong pureeing punch, even if they often aren’t as powerful as full-size ones.

The Fast Metabolism Diet author and health consultant Haylie Pomroy argues that portable blenders are a wonderful technology that make it quick and easy to incorporate a lot of nutrients into your diet through smoothies and soups. The more recent ones are lighter than ever and double as both a mixer and a drinking cup. These are perfect to keep at work, take on the road, or use at home if you don’t have much counter space. A personal blender can be a smart choice for you if your blending demands are straightforward, you don’t often mix for a crowd, or you travel frequently, Pomroy adds, even if they are normally less powerful than the big boys.

For more information on the portable blenders that professionals recommend, continue reading.

Here are some of the top portable blenders available right now to help you make a decision.

NutriBullet PRO+ Single Serve Blender
NutriBullet makes a variety of portable blenders, thus the two are currently relatively interchangeable. Kelly Ann Petrucci, M.S., N.D., a board-certified naturopathic doctor and specialist in weight loss and anti-aging, favors this particular type. She gushes about how powerful it is and how it can pulverize superfoods like chia seeds, Brazil nuts, and leafy greens that are worth adding to your smoothie. It does include a 1200-watt engine, which makes it significantly more powerful than the majority of portable electric blenders.A pre-programmed feature with an automated shut-off and the inclusion of two different-sized cups, each with a travel lid, are also great features. According to Dr. Petrucci, two more “musts” for portable blenders are that they are compact on the counter and simple to clean. Additionally, it has a pulse feature, which according to co-founder and CEO of Not Just Co. Catherine Smart, a culinary expert, is excellent for making sauces like chimichurri, pesto, and others where you want to be able to regulate the texture.
Swiitol Personal Blender

This personal blender, which has an MSRP of under $30, is less expensive than two smoothies at a high-end juice bar. Another favorite of Petrucci’s, it has two cups, each of which has an airtight travel cover that was created specifically to stop spills. Moreover, it is simple to use thanks to a one-touch design.

Despite having a 300-watt motor, according to Petrucci, it is nevertheless powerful enough to meet all of your daily blending demands. She also appreciates how simple cleaning is because both the cups and the blade can be put in the dishwasher.

Cokunst Portable Blender

A blender may seem a little “extra” to bring in your luggage, but this choice is so small and light that you won’t even notice it’s there. According to Petrucci, who is a fan, it’s simple to pack and use just about anywhere because it’s both smaller and battery-operated. She also draws attention to the price, pointing out that despite being so inexpensive, it still fulfills all of the requirements for a blender.

It boasts six stainless steel blades, a 20,000 rpm motor, and a simple one-touch on/off feature, giving it plenty of blending power. There are handy indications on the blender base that show how much power is left; but, charging it with a USB-C connection does take roughly three hours. ensuring that you’ll never be surprised with it dying out unexpectedly. And while it comes with an included brush cleaner, you can also pop the cup in the dishwasher.

Magic Bullet Personal Blender, 11-Piece Set

The 11 various components that come with this kit require some cabinet space clearing, but it substantially broadens your options for blending. So this is the choice to choose if you’re searching for something that can produce more than just smoothies. “The Magic Bullet can whip cream, chop chunky salsa, and, of course, combine up a smoothie, making up for what it lacks in simplicity with versatility. When you have one of these, who needs knife skills?!” exclaims Smart, who ranks this as one of her top choices. Give it credit for having two different blade attachments.

The fact that this blender includes a recipe book will be appreciated by anyone who is struggling to come up with new recipes.Just FYI, while the cups (there are two included) are top-rack dishwasher-safe, the rest of the pieces aren’t. 


According to Pomroy, one of her top picks, “I particularly enjoy the BlendJet because it’s lightweight and you drink right out of the blender, so you don’t have more than one thing to rinse off. She continues, “It’s wonderful for travel or as a backup blender to keep at the office. (Or a one- or two-bedroom flat.) It even has a USB charging port and is cordless up to that point; an hour of charging produces roughly 15 blends.

It’s also one of the more fashionable portable blenders we’ve seen, coming in a variety of vibrant, out-of-the-ordinary hues and patterns. Even though this version of the BlendJet is five times more powerful than the first one, some people might still think it’s a touch too weak to  crush lots of ice or really get things super-smooth. It also shouldn’t go in the dishwasher.


Another of Smart’s suggestions is the “Ninja,” which she describes as “super-sleek, so it fits in any backpack or on a sliver of countertop, but it still packs enough power to get the job done with a 700-watt motor.” In fact, the wattage is significantly higher than the other portable blenders on this list, which is helpful if you frequently need to pulverize a lot of ice or frozen fruit, even though it falls short of the 1200 watts of our overall best pick.

Since the cups have some crevices around the edges that can make them challenging to clean otherwise, the fact that the cups, lids, and blade are all dishwasher-safe is a huge plus. Just remember that the design calls for you to hold the cup down the entire time it’s blending, as there’s no locking function.

BlenderX Cordless Portable Blender

This travel blender is popular with Pomroy as well. One of the most potent personal blenders, she adds, it’s fantastic for the workplace or at home but I don’t like it as much for traveling because it’s on the heavier side. Anyone seeking for a super-simple and streamlined design will like the fact that it is battery-powered and completely cordless.

The 20-ounce cup is larger than most, which is perfect if you’re blending smoothies for two. The base includes non-slip feet to avoid skidding and sliding as you mix. Simply put, if you make more soups than smoothies, skip this one because it is more expensive than others and isn’t designed for use with hot liquids.

How to Pick the Right Portable Blender

Think about the weight.

Pomroy advises picking a choice that is on the lighter side, especially if you’re seeking for a vacation alternative. (If you intend to leave it out on your kitchen counter, this is less crucial.)

Verify the power supply

When you can charge them from the port on your computer, cordless choices that can be charged via USB or USCB are perfect for vacation or in the office, according to Pomroy.

Ensure that it is simple to disassemble.

Smart advises making sure all of the parts are simple to disassemble for cleaning. If the cups, lids, and blades can all be washed in the dishwasher, bonus points.

Take a look at the motor’s power.

According to Petrucci, not all portable blenders can chop up larger chunks of frozen fruit or leafy greens or blend up ice. Consider what you enjoy making in your blender and make your choice based on that.

Questions and Answers
Do portable blenders merit the price?
Yes, if you frequently make sauces, soups, or smoothies. These can be considerably more reasonably priced than conventional blenders and will free up less room in your kitchen.

What purpose does a portable blender serve?
A simpler, more practical way to make items like daily smoothies that can be readily consumed from the same container is using a portable blender. They are also perfect for people who need to be able to make short meals at work or for those who wish to keep their eating schedule while traveling.

Are portable blenders safe for the dishwasher?
The model truly makes a difference. While some portable blenders have bases with motors and electrical bits that should never be washed in a dishwasher, others have portions that are dishwasher-safe and completely water-resistant. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning your blender.

Melanie Rud is a prolific writer who specializes in writing about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She has a very large, conventional blender, but she prefers to use her portable blender every day to create her green smoothie in the morning. To create this list of products, she spoke with a culinary expert, a celebrity nutritionist, a board-certified naturopathic doctor, and a qualified nutrition consultant.

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