Cleaning The Portable Mini USB Rechargeable blenders

Our preferred kitchen tool is the Mini portable electric blender, but we detest cleaning it. The task is made a little more challenging by the worry that our fingertips would meet the same destiny as the fruits and vegetables that we blend in the morning to produce a nice smoothie.

In order to rapidly clean our cherished blender, we set out to find the most effective method. Mission accomplished, as you can quickly clean your blender with this helpful trick.

Clean your blender quickly.

Of course, the objective is to preserve as much of the deliciousness within the blender jar as you can. Therefore, always keep the jar tightly closed during mixing; nevertheless, if the motor unit were to spill, you may wipe it up with a damp cloth.

It’s best to avoid doing this too frequently, even though some pieces of the equipment, like the blender jar and lid, may be dishwasher safe — see the instructions for details. Since dishwasher detergents are actually rather forceful, they will undoubtedly have a long-term negative impact on the appliance’s function, particularly the blades’ sharpness. Because of this, cleaning the blender with a drop of standard dishwashing solutions works considerably better.

The simple Mini USB blender cleaning trick

Add a generous drop of washing-up liquid after adding hot water to the blender jar until it is three quarters full. Then briefly turn the gadget on. The blender jar will almost magically become clean thanks to the small vortex created by the quickly spinning blades. After cleaning the blades, empty the washing-up water out of the jug, rinse off any remaining soap with running water, and dry the blades right away to avoid rust formation.

After using the aforementioned tornado procedure and having a particularly intense blender session, is the blender still not entirely clean? The remedy is then some vinegar mixed with baking soda and water. Let it soak throughout the night after blending these three components.

Then you can cross this task off your list by giving the blender one last cleaning with a drop of dish soap.

After cleaning, properly dry the blender inside and out. You can choose to leave the mixer on a tea towel, upside down, for a bit. The blender should be kept out of the jar’s lid while not in use. By doing this, you guarantee that the blender won’t begin to smell.

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